Thursday, April 26, 2012

Knog Blinder Light Review


Australian company Knog first came to my attention when I bought a couple of their Frog bike lights. The silicon encased LED lights looked great and were highly practical, not relying on brackets to fix them to my handlebars or seatpost. Switching the lights between bikes or attaching them to a helmet was a doddle and if you looked at them through squinty eyes they really did look a bit like frogs. Having said that, although bright, they weren’t quite powerful enough to use on their own – I also had to use other, uglier and less amphibian lights to feel safe. Knog have corrected that somewhat with the release of their new Blinder light.

First Impressions

In common with most Knog products, this is a funky bit of kit. Unlike any other bike light I have seen, it has a flat square front with an anodised aluminium face. The 4 LEDs are arranged in a square with the aluminium forming thick go faster stripes (other patterns are available). The whole thing is about the size of a compact bike computer. There is an ingenious clip system that allows bracket-less mounting to the bike, with a metal catch – a bit like a watch strap. The whole thing feels really well made and a big step up in quality from the Frog lights.

Charge ahead

The light is powered by a lithium battery that is charged via an inbuilt USB plug that clips out of the back of the Blinder. One charge gives up to 50 hours of battery life in flashing mode, 3 hours in constant mode. If you have a computer at work, it is an ideal way to make sure you never have to ride home with a dim light.

Blinding Light

In use the light really lives up to its name, the LEDs giving off 80 lumens, visible from a claimed 800 metres.  There are 5 different flashing modes to help catch the attention of other road users. The light is 100% waterproof and survived the recent deluges with no problems at all. Bright enough to use without additional lights, it looks great on the bike, although no amount of squinting can make it look anything like a frog.


For:        Compact, lightweight, waterproof, USB charging

Surprisingly bright and looks great.

Against: Quality costs - at £30 a light it’s a bit pricey.

Score: 4/5

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