Friday, April 13, 2012

Knog Strongman Review

Knog make some original and good looking products and the Strongman lock is no exception. Fortunately, in this case beauty is more than skin deep - the lock boasts the prestigious Sold Secure Gold rating.

The lock arrives nicely packaged in a recycled cardboard box featuring Knog’s trademark quirky graphics. The Australian company have their own tongue-in-cheek security rating, which places the Strongman at level 9 –“Ghetto”, ahead of “Crack House” and “Slum”, but less secure than “War Zone”. The more sedate Sold Secure Gold and ART 3 star rating stickers also place this lock at the top end of bike security. The lock looks great with smooth lines and a great finish. Potential contact points, where the lock could rub against your precious paintwork are covered with tough but soft silicone, colour coded in one of three colours. The test lock was labelled red, but was actually a bit more orangey.

Included in the package are 3 keys, with a serial number to enable you to order replacements from Knog and a colour coordinated mounting bracket to fix the lock to your bike for transportation. The bracket is really easy to install with a waxed webbing strap that is tightened with a supplied allen key. The Strongman locks into the bracket – no chance of the lock flying out, no matter how big a pothole you ride into.

The lock is excellent in use, the soft touch silicone really does prevent scratches to your bike, although it can get a bit grubby after a while. The shackle is easy to engage and not as fiddly as some other locks I have used.  The main thing you look for in a lock is security of course, not having an angle grinder to put this to a full test, I can only give it the recommendation that my bike hasn’t been nicked when I’ve used the lock. The compact nature of the Strongman would make levering the lock off very difficult, and Knog’s “interesting” test of using the lock to pick up a car would suggest it is up to the job.

For:        Looks great

                Easy to transport

                High level security

Against: Small size means needs to be combined with a cable or chain to fit round lampposts/trees etc.

Rating: 4/5

RRP £74.99, but currently available at Farnham Cycles for £57.65

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